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Originally Posted by gaza01 View Post
So you gonna get a diesel? The 335d is meant to be a beast especially if you have it chipped. I've always been against diesels because of the loud clatter from the engine but modern diesels have quietened down considerably and the great performance coupled with decent economy is making them oh so attractive to me. I think my next car will be a diesel.
i have a 335d as well (my second one). ilike driving the e93 as its a covertible and sounds good with the exhaust. however i love the D to bits, i went for a D rather than a 335i as i prefer the way a diesel performs to a petrol, not really one for loads of revs. as for economy the D averages about 40mpg and the 330i 30mpg. ive tried the premium diesel and can honestly say havent noticed the slightest bit of difference and think its all hype! i spoke to a retired engineer the other day and he reckons they have only scratched the surface of diesel engine technology so watch this space.