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Originally Posted by RambleJ View Post
Murals are tacky to some. but beautiful to others. Same as tattoos, you obviously have a severe hatred for them. So much I beleive an ex of yours was probably taken from you by a heavily tattooed man.
Bottom line if you don't like tattoos doesn't matter to me, still getting them and if I get bunched in with the criminals, oh well.
But what are they to you: Tacky or beautiful. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess tacky. Why the distinction?

LOL- sorry to burst your bubble. I've never been dumped. You're not far off though: I am particularly peeved at the moment that that med student I mentioned who I'd otherwise be very attracted to (who is even more interested in me, BTW) is so heavily tattooed. Such a waste of a beautiful body. When she's covered up she's a 9. Uncovered she's a 3. Otherwise perfect skin, too.

I'm happy if I can discourage anyone from getting extensive tattoos, especially a beautiful girl like Sara. It's as attractive and feminine and permenant as getting laser hair removal across your head so the only hairstyle you can have is a mohawk. Ladies: If you don't have tattoos, you'll still be just as attractive to guys who like tattoos, but if you get them a significant % of guys will find you dramatically less attractive, particularly nice and successful guys. There's a reason the vast majority of models don't have 'em: 'cause they're ugly and limiting.

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