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Originally Posted by carve View Post
But what are they to you: Tacky or beautiful. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess tacky. Why the distinction?

LOL- sorry to burst your bubble. I've never been dumped. You're not far off though: I am particularly peeved at the moment that that med student I mentioned who I'd otherwise be very attracted to (who is even more interested in me, BTW) is so heavily tattooed. Such a waste of a beautiful body. When she's covered up she's a 9. Uncovered she's a 3. Otherwise perfect skin, too.

I'm happy if I can discourage anyone from getting extensive tattoos, especially a beautiful girl like Sara. It's as attractive and feminine and permenant as getting laser hair removal across your head so the only hairstyle you can have is a mohawk. Ladies: If you don't have tattoos, you'll still be just as attractive to guys who like tattoos, but if you get them a significant % of guys will find you dramatically less attractive, particularly nice and successful guys. There's a reason the vast majority of models don't have 'em: 'cause they're ugly and limiting.
I find it tacky, but I don't go on a rant trying to get people to not do it. Its their car, if they want to airbrush it up with a virgin mary or skull and bones its their choice to do so. Doesn't affect me any one way or the other.
Am i getting a superiority complex? If you don't like it, its wrong and people who do it should be ashamed of themselves for it? Sorry to burst your bubble, but people don't revolve their lives around your opinion.