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Originally Posted by itrocks4u View Post

Just wondering if anyone picked up plastidip from US and drove back across the border? Did you run into any issues? Are we not allowed to bring in plastidip or glossifiers into Canada?

I emailed Patrick (Canadian contact) at dipyourcar and he said the prices are higher for the following reason: "We can only ship the Canadian formulated Cans. The plastidip made for Canada is roughly 60% more expensive. It has to be reformulated and relabel to be in compliance. Cans are $15 each."

So the $26 Wheel kit (4 cans of black plastidip) sells for $60 in Canada.
And each glossifier costs $25 a can!
The gloss wheel kit (per the image on the website includes 4 plasti dip and 3 cans of glossifier) sells for $50.
4 cans for 1 set of wheels? I used a can and a half. $45 at the Homehardware store. WTF would you go all the way to the US for that? Spent 5 hours on the road and $25 on fuel to save $20