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Originally Posted by Debaser View Post
Hey guys,

Up 'til now, BMW has taken care of everything according to factory warranty on my 2008 328i e92 - except for an extra oil change here or there paid for by myself.

I'm now approaching my second oil change since the warranty's expiry, and my mechanic (without seeing the car) thinks it's a good time to change the spark plugs ($250 or so). Is this a good idea?

What else should I ask him to look into??? Might it be time for new brake pads, as well???

Thanks so much
You need to study your "Warranty/Service" manual. It calls for spark plugs at 100,000 miles (160,000 kms) for a 328i, not 60,000. And your brake pads are a "CBS" (Condition Based Servicing) item, meaning they should be replaced when worn. Your car's computer has that info, so see "Service Requirements" in your owner's manual to learn how to access it. This way, you will not be at the mercy of a mechanic who may have a boat payment due!

And the only 60,000 mile service recommended by BMW is an "Inspection"
which should cost only about 1 1/2 hrs labor.