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Originally Posted by BMWx54.6
see the little ridges and the u shape cut out, i cut off just underneath that, however i might cut more off. looks so much better the lower it sits.

The wiring is the same as mine, so the blue connector is all the power cables and the wires into the white connector are the selector cables all of these will be used, its the gear knob wires that has 9 and 2 will be spare at the end

disregard the parts on the gear surround ie blue triangle and wires coming from that. its just the wires from the car your interested in
Sorry. I know I'm being a bit thick but....

So the blue connector ( in my pic) I cut that and join to gearknob wires. Got that.

Do I then cut
A, the multi coloured wires with the blue sleeve before the white connector?
B, the predominantly white wires before the white connector at the bottom?
C, or cut the white wires at the base if the blue triangle and join these to the gearknob wires?