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Originally Posted by leahy View Post
Hi makkan00

The last 7 digits on the vin are ****** and its a 2008 320D with professional radio, the company that suggested the Dension can only fit it an not code it as they don't have the software? I think they usually pull out the cd changer which I don't have and replace with the dension which will do what I want it to do. I am led to believe that the steering wheel is bluetooth compatible as it has the buttons on and there are all the same but not activated?
I am also keen to look into the following mods, Chirp sound on locking / unlocking, digital speed on speedometer, Complete wiper cycle when turning off the car.
Is there anywhere that I can see a list of mods available for my car? I am new to this having only had the car 3 hours.

Many thanks
You have CD prep package. They will fit it in your trunk or it can be fitted next to head unit (if there is no OEM Bluetooth and navigation in your car).
I thought about this kit, but later changed my mind so cannot comment on bluetooth communication.

Followings can be conded on your car:
-Dension Gateway / ipod kit coding
-Add Chirp sound on locking / unlocking
-Add Visual sign (signal light blinks one time) when you lock your car.
-Add High beam flashing with your security alarm
-Add digital speed on speedometer
-Fog light on with welcome light
-Wipers return to starting position if car is truned off
-Windows not interupted when doors are opened
-DRLs on all the time on pre-LCI car depending on your light module
-Windows switch working for one minute after switching off your car
-Central locking / unlocking button functional without key in ignition
- Add panic alarm on your remote
- Add speed warning on your speedometer if you are over 70MPH.

Hope that helps.