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Originally Posted by chrisk03 View Post
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's installed correctly and I do have the pops and burbles. I also had a dyno run done after installing and it showed the huge 5hp bump... .

Oh, also, the dealer that installed it called me back and gave me some line about each dealer being independently owned and it's in their system, but probably wouldn't show in the overall BMW system because it was not an "ordered" item or under warranty...whatever the hell that means. I didn't really want to argue with her because honestly it sounded like she was making it up as she went along and didn't really understand what I was getting at. Could tell by her tone she was getting annoyed.

Guess I'll just wait until next service and ask the dealer I do my service at to see if they can do a "scan" of the DME and see if there. I do have all the stickers, etc., just paranoid I guess and don't want to miss any updates, if any. Thx!
Sorry to hear that you have a BS dealer

I would think that, if your car has a connection to germany (or where ever US customers are connected to) it checks your version of the software and update to the right version... We are 2012...
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