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'07 335i HID fog-lights possible? *update*

So here's the deal, I bought a DDM tuning HID kit which flickers, so I solder in a 4700uF capacitor, no more flicker. BUT I keep on getting a bulb-out error on the dash; so I say well that's what I get for being cheap and buy the more expensive canbus kit from which also gets the error!

To their credit do state right on their website the '06-'07 models are very sensitive and may get errors.

Question is anyone getting these to work without errors on a '06 or '07 and how??


UPDATE 10/4/12: So I ordered 10,000uF capacitors online and soldered them inline. To my surprise the fogs now work without errors and the car isn't shutting either of them off!

Got these specific capacitors for anyone having the same issue.

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