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Originally Posted by kevino002
anyone in CO using the JB4 with E85 mix? I am so up in the air with what tune to get as I want to run E85.
Yep, me! I usually do a 50/50 mix of 91/E-85, and that netted me 13.196 at Bandi with the only other mod being DCI. I put a 20/80 mix in yesterday because it was time for a fill-up, but I didn't want to do a mix or all 91. I threw a CEL today after stopping at the store for a bit, but didn't check the codes. It's not really recommended to do more than 50/50 on the JB4 I don't think, so I kind of expected it. 2 mpg less but 2 psi more. It really wakes up!