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I seem to do about 18 - 20k a year mainly B roads / motorway driving (fun driving )

I don't know if that warrants a Diesel but I bought my 335D after I saw how immense they perform and the mpg it returns – for a car that throws 286 bhp standard and 350 mapped and returns 35-40mpg still doesn’t fail to surprise me. MEGA was another reason haha. My god does his shifts swiftly!

Having said that, I have in this week alone had E46 shaped drivers in 330ci and 325d LCI stay on my tail at speeds I won’t mention I got so cheesed off how they managed to stay on my tail. Normally I’d put my foot down and the baby flies! I put my foot down and although it flew, these cars stayed with me and it bugs me to Death!!

Surely a 325d LCI and 330ci cant keep up ?!?! Maybe they were mappd / chipped – I don’t know but either way, I drive my car with a lot of joy and pride and generally like to think I am driving a gentle monster!

Does a 335d really need Mapping to say ‘Buh Bye’ to the likes of LCI models and older gen e46 330ci’s etc?

Rant over
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