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Help with sizes / off-sets / drop etc please

I've been searching for a long time now trying to find alloys that I like and I've finally found these. They cost more than what I wanted to spend but its either this or CSLs and as much as I like CSLs I want something that is not as common just to try to make the car look unique.;et=;cat=

The sizes are 19''
front - 8.5 ET 35 and rear 9.5 ET 32. I'm going to wrap them in the tyres I already have on the car continental 5p 235 x 35 and 265 x 30

Question time.
So what do you think of the alloys?

Will they rub at all, even in worst case scenario say the car was fully loaded?

I will need a drop as the gap in the front arch is horrendously huge. Looking to just do the springs but lots of horror stories of people using eibach and not getting the result they want. What do you recommend.

Consider the wider tyres and wheel off-sets plus the lowering (eibach claim 30mm front and 10-15mm rear) am I ok?

Anybody got any pics or links to threads with pics of what this set up would look like? Not necessarily with these exact alloys but specification wise?