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Originally Posted by Gra View Post
Here's a question for you all...

My RFT's that I posted about yesterday with the bad tyre wear on the front offside...I decided to look up the cost of replacing the tyres and then decided it might be not much more to just buy a new wheel/tyre package.

So I made a note of the tyre sizes and found something I think is odd...

Both the nearside tyres are 255/35/18
Both the offside tyres are 225/40/18

Aren't both the rear tyres supposed to be wider rather than having both the wider tyres on one side?

Would this make any difference to tyre wear as I still find it slightly odd that the offside front tyre is so badly worn and the nearside one isn't?

I might be completely wrong but if it makes a difference to the tyre wear then obviously that's an issue as I've only had the car since the end of February and the tyres were all checked and 3 of the 4 were fitted brand new when I collected it....

Maybe, maybe not, but I thought I'd ask
How bizarre!

The 255/35/18's should both be on the rear axle.
The 225/40/18's should be on the front.

It would probably explain the tyre wear.

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