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Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
The debate is on as to whether they will release a 35d, with the performance of the 30d being 0-60 in 5.6secs a 35d would need to be faster and then you start to tramp on the heels of the 335i and M3 albeit with a lot more economy. Also the 30d is reported to feel every bit as fast as the E9x 35d so should be worth a test drive.
Not sure about "tramp on the heels of an 335i", it would certainly be much faster than a 335i with more BHP (if they were to fit the 313bhp unit from the 535d) and a shed load more torque! There is no reason to suggest it would be slower.

I think it would be very hot on the heels of the current E9X M3 and they'd have to make a pretty special F30 M3 to be a lot quicker.......

But as said, there is a lot of doubt if a new 335d will happen. There is a lot of speculation from old internet articles but I'm sure someone was saying recently there no plans for BMW to release a new 335d. Technically, no doubt they can do it - but marketing-wise, thats another thing and maybe for the above mentioned reasons they wont release it.