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Originally Posted by Awfully_Polite View Post
hey guys,

I was wondering if I could gather some info, and any advice of any kind would be greatly helpful. My E90 330i M sport has changed hands to my younger cousin, and whilst I had no particular issues with the M sport suspension he seems adamant for a set of Coilovers.

Whilst the drop and look is important... it is far more important to have increased the handling and comfort of the ride.

I have recommended KW v2 but they are a little out of his price range. He seems ready to settle for a set of BC racing coilovers.

Does anyone have any experience with these on a E9x? Should I push him to wait till he can afford the KW's?

are there any other brands you guys would recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Cheers guys.
I can chime in this OP - I was in this position about 1.5 months ago! I only purchased my coupe in July and it has been the most beasty car I've owned so I was ever ever so sceptical about making the biggest modification in such early days of owning my car. I originally planned on buying a good friend's Eibach Springs off the forum here but kept deliberating and decided to go coil overs. You know what they say, go hard or go home Actually, before I offend anyone with springs, I have every respect for those with springs too - it's down to the individual I suppose.

My reason for hesitating to buy any coil overs was the simple fact that most decent branded ones (KW, Bilstein etc) were too expensive for my liking and I couldn't bring myself round to paying almost 1k + labour for that. The other end of the spectrum offered FK Pro Sport and Spax (etc) ones which came in at around 250 - 400 RRP - again no offence to anyone but I was not prepared to spend so little either on the car I had I aspired to get for a very long time and something I drive daily. I was after mid priced, decent branded and excellent reliable ones...

Then I was told to look into BC BR series coilovers... which I did. Bearing in mind I had NO idea on coilovers and their specifics, I started reading day and night about these - RRP 700ish, 30 way adjustable damper settings, comes with top mounts (quite a few I looked into don't and this is an extra cost / hassle to go out and buy), easily adjustable by the dials open opening the bonnet and an excellent customer support helpdesk. I then started shopping around online for them and my luck was in.. 3 days later, I bought the same BC coilovers off this very forum in fact and they were down to an excellent price.. so I called up my trusted installer who reassured me all will be fine and fast forward a week...I'm dropped on my ass! I was riding around for 2 days on the hardest / firmest setting possible thinking WTF have I just done.. I thought I'd soften the setting by turning the dials and my goodness what a difference it made!

I have not looked back since then and I can safely say it is the BEST mod I could have ever done! In end, it cost me less than the RRP of brand news ones to have these second hand bought and installed so a happy chap indeed.

I read lots of reviews and found very few to none complaints - they're big amongst Scooby drivers and in the USA.. infact I have had PMs from several US enthusiast after seeing my Build Thread asking about ride quality and I can say this - absolutely spot on - better than OEM by a Mile and the ride quality is just brilliant. I can only imagine how amazing the RQ would be on non RFTs.......

Anyways, hope this gives you a good idea as to mid range / mid prices coilovers without spending a bomb. Teddy at SSDD Motorsport supplies the BC range coilovers and so do Corby Motorsport... Corby were instrumental in my buying. They're open until 10pm and I rang to ask how safe 2nd hand coilovers are (hence not doing business with them) and he spent 40 minutes with me over the phone to explain the BC coil overs..

Choice is yours of course but hope this helps...
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