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Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
+100 on no regrets? LOL- you already said you regretted one of yours. Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself. It's kind of the only thing you're left with when people point out it was a short-sighted choice: convince yourself it was a good idea, and have others who made the same choice offer support.

Removal isn't always 100%. It's less effective (scarring, ghost-images/incomplete removal) on large areas and colored inks, and effectiveness depends on skin tone, too. It's good that option is out there now though. It's a business with a bright future.

LOL at "prude" comments up above. Dude- you know nothing about me other than I hate tattoos. You probably think I'm some religious right-wing social conservative or something (I'm actually an anti-theist and libertarian on all social freedoms). Would you be attracted to a girl who did laser hair removal so she could only grow a mohawk, or would you think that was a shortsighted, limiting, unattractive choice? Does that make you a prude?

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