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my experience

i have bought 2 cars from big motoring world, 1st one was a great car, didnt have the cd multi changer cartridge and they said they would sort it never did and the seat was damaged on the side which just got glued, however cheapest around so i got it done for less then 200 so i was happy and got a great price for my part ex, second car i got a year ago the hand over not as i would hope as extremly abrupt with me, after 2 months the turbo went they told me to take to halfords?? as part of there warranty agreement... guess what nothing could be done.

i ended up getting it repaired at a cost of 900 and got 400 back from the warranty minus excess etc like all warranties and insurances i must add it took too many calls and to much time,

a bit of a mixed experience would i use again........... the price is always appealing, 2-3000 less then others that are out there will laways make it tempting, the sales guys... are pushy i wish i had them work for me, they will always try and do a deal.... well the 2 i dealt with any way