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Exclamation How To: Aftermarket Wideband AFR sensor into Procede

Hi guys
It's a pretty simple job. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes. What you need to find is the output wire on your aftermarket wideband sensor (Innovate, Autronic, FJO, etc,.) that proves a "linear 0-5v" output signal.

If you have a Rev 2 harness:
You will feed this wire into the input wire of the o2 modifier wire bundle (that hasn't been used in ages and has been taped up and secured to the rest of the harness). The input wire is the one with the male pin on it. Do not mistake this for the output wires which are female terminated.

If you have a Rev3 harness:
You will feed this wire into the o2 input wire on the black 9 pin expansion port. This is pin #8 on the 9-pin connector (solid yellow wire). You will probably want to order a mating 9-pin connector and a pre-terminated wire from us since you have the opportunity to make this plug and play at this point.

One the 0-5 linear output signal (from your wideband unit) is routed to the o2 input wire on the Procede harness, you will need to set up the new Wideband AFR channel in your datalog settings. See attached.

Please note that the raw and converted min/max values shown below apply to a sensor that is calibrated to a sensor output that is calibrated to translate a 0-5v signal into an AFR reading of 10:1-20:1. Different wideband units may have different calibrations and the min/max values may have to be changed accordingly.

Assuming everything is set up properly, you should know be able to log AFR data (from your wideband) into the datalog channel (inappropriately) named "Actual Rear O2 Voltage"
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