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Originally Posted by Subzero2003 View Post
An older E46 330i should just about be able to stay with you. Considering they have 231bhp petrol engine (less faffing with gears), and weigh a good 160kg less than your car, you won't be saying "buh bye" to an E46 330i any time soon.

E46 330i = 155bhp/tonne
E92 335d = 171bhp/tonne

16bhp/tonne is very little and you'dneed monsterous amounts of power to leave someone behind completely, like i imagine you were expecting?

Don't forget, as cars get newer, their engines may churn out 15% more power, but then they always end up weighing 10% more than the previous model! The F30 i think has broken this mold a bit as it is very similar in weight to the E90.

Compare the 1/4 mile times (about 2 seconds difference?) and you will only have a few car lengths from 0-100. Given you are probably at 70-80 when you nail it you are unlikely to obliterate them in just 3-5 seconds of wide open throttle.

Depending upon how close they were following, you can also consider the reduction in drag as a result of being in your wake - drafting. To avoid this I nail the throttle and pull over to even things up.
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