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Originally Posted by rag133 View Post
Anyone else have this issue? My lights seem to be very low, maybe a few car lengths in front of me and barely off the street level. I cannot see street signs until they are right at me because of the lack of light. High beams seem to be fine though. My wife said she can not even drive the car at night because she can't see. I took it to the dealer once and they said they were fine. Well, they aren't. Any thoughts??
I have the same problem. Dealer said they are in spec. Well, they need to be above spec then coz I can't see at 45 mph on a 2 lane country road!!
I am going back to the dealer since the car is under warranty.
I do NOT want to have to do this myself.
I found a thread with instructions, but they do not match the 335is.

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