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Originally Posted by Ammonia View Post
Dear Carve, and SkiMask and whoever else that likes to shit on our thread,

Is there a anti-tattoo thread somewhere you guys can go to? GTFO with that shit, holy fuck. Since when is a fucking mural on a car the same as a tattoo on a body? WTF?

What it boils down to, regardless of whatever lists or paragraphs you'd like to draft up in rebuttal to this, is that your OPINION is that tattoos are (tacky, outdated, w.e), and OUR opinions, of the tattoos on OUR bodies, not yours, is that obviously, we like them. Who the fuck are you to try and correct what we like? You may be 34 years old, but you are a child. You are in here to do nothing but argue with us and try to tell us the tattoos we have are stupid. Who does that? Seriously

I'll be back to post up my tattoos.
Fair enough
fwiw - I am blown away by what some tattoo artists can do, I just know more than a few people who regret their tats