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Blue connector cut the wires, then wire them in to an electrical box in any order as you can see in my pics.
White connector cut the wires (ones with blue sleeve) this then has no contact with gear surround so put that to the side, again wire them in to a second electrical box also seen in my pics, there are now 2 boxes so your gear knob wires need to be wired in to both boxes so find the live feed which will from the first box (original blue connector) this will light up your gear knob once you have found the live you can then start to find the correct selector lights so remember to put the stick in the relevant position ie reverse, neutral etc before you find the correct light for that position so put it in reverse and then find the reverse light wire, this is all mix and match so you have to play around abit but once you figure it out it becomes easy
If this is still confusing i can try and do a video and talk through it and email it