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Originally Posted by skinrock View Post
One thread where the OP admitted it likely wasn't **********s proves that it's "certainly not a rumor"? It would be a new level of stupid if such a large company with a huge reputation would use their own customers' cards to make some random charges.

Not to mention that cards typically get automatically blocked for fraudulent activity based on a suspicious change in usage activity, e.g. charging out of state or in another country, or for $1. A defrauder does this to "test" the card and then make one large purchase later on. **********s would have already known the card is valid, so if they really wanted to use it, wouldn't it more likely show up as a seemingly legit purchase that wouldn't automatically trigger a fraud alert? To me, a hacker would have been more likely to pick up the card and test it out.

We have no idea what goes on in the background. Being a vendor isn't just a matter of paying dues, they still have to play by the rules, too. If you think about it, there are a lot of vendors that sell a lot of the same things, and sometimes it comes down to who has the best deals or how nicely their threads/websites are done. If one vendor found a way to game the system a little and get more exposure over others, don't you think other vendors who are paying the same would probably complain? If you notice, we do have a vendor section and there must be a reason why 99.9% of advertising remains there and doesn't spill out. And what happens when you ignore warnings? You get banned. Mind you, this is speculation, as I said we have no idea what goes on in the background.
Regardless, they are banned. That should throw up a red flag to anyone, despite their past experiences. Whatever the logic or reasoning for the ban equates to not following the rules or not being trustworthy. Would you want to support a company that doesn't follow the rules or isn't trustworthy?

I like the smaller companies anyway that are here day in and day out, que top gear solutions. They are the only one of the few vendors that post in the forums to help the community. The other vendors just post their for sale threads and move onto the next forum. I've purchased from **********s years ago, wasn't impressed with their customer service or the time frame for products to actually ship. Meh. Only reason their are so many fanbois in the review section is cause they tell every customer to make a review thread and they will get a sweet deal. Ask me how i know.