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Originally Posted by Ammonia View Post
Dear Carve, and SkiMask and whoever else that likes to shit on our thread,

Is there a anti-tattoo thread somewhere you guys can go to? GTFO with that shit, holy fuck. Since when is a fucking mural on a car the same as a tattoo on a body? WTF?
The OP said this was youthful foolishness. I pointed out that it was permanent, but not that big of a change compared to things like sleeves, and then said why I feel those are a bigger form of foolishness. Every other post here is me responding to someone else's question or comments about my view, including this post.

Want me to stop talking about my viewpoint? Then don't discuss it.

What it boils down to, regardless of whatever lists or paragraphs you'd like to draft up in rebuttal to this, is that your OPINION is that tattoos are (tacky, outdated, w.e), and OUR opinions, of the tattoos on OUR bodies, not yours, is that obviously, we like them. Who the fuck are you to try and correct what we like? You may be 34 years old, but you are a child. You are in here to do nothing but argue with us and try to tell us the tattoos we have are stupid. Who does that? Seriously

I'll be back to post up my tattoos.
Of course they're just opinions. I'm not correcting you or forcing anyone to do anything. I'm just pointing out reasons why tattoos might, as the OP said, be foolish. This is ON TOPIC. Threads like this tend to turn into a circle-jerk of people telling each other how bad ass they are due to some scuzzy guy doodling a pretty picture on them. I'm the counterpoint. You get a tattoo for aesthetics and for people to see, and I'm telling you what a large % of people see. Don't like it? Maybe you're a little insecure about your irreversible atheistic choices. People have complained they don't like my opinion, but nobody has addressed any of my points...even people who ASKED me to bring up the points. We obviously each think our own opinion is better than the others, but I explain why I think so. Instead of getting your panties in a bunch and pouting perhaps you could do the same.

Car murals are an analogy. The beauty of a car is primarily in the shape and surface finish, and a mural typically detracts from that, even if very well done, because it interrupts the shape. The body is exactly the same way, but more permanent. I'd be willing to bet most people think murals on cars are tacky, but never even considered that tattoos are essentially the same thing, but even MORE limiting and tacky. Double standard.

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