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Had the car polished and waxed at Fuller' review inside. NOW WITH CRAPPY PICS

I went over to Fuller's in hinsdale this afternoon. Dropped the car off around 1130 picked up at 2.

My car has some pretty knarly swirl marks in the paint and quite a few tiny rock chips in the paint. Honestly, I think I need to do a pull paint restoration which from everything I have seen will run me 500-1200 depending on how far I want to go. Something I will look into doing in the coming spring.

But in the interim I found fuller's does a Deluxe Polish & Wax Package
that is supposed to cater to cars with swirling. I figured for $125 (price is normally $145 but they have a $20 off coupon on the website) it can't hurt and since my car is a florida car, has never seen salt, and had little to no wax on it. I wanted to get something on the car before the impending weather arrives.

Spent some time talking with the manager (Evan) he described their process, brought me into their garage showed me the compunds they use. 2 different abrasives depending on severity of swirls, polishing compund, wax. (all Meguire's pro line) and I watched the guys work for a few while waiting.

Service as follows...

Deluxe Polish & Wax Package

Full-service soft-cloth wash
Fuller's Exclusive Paint Restoration (clean & polish paint finish)
Wax exterior paint finish (paste wax)
Clean / polish exterior chrome and trim
Clean door, hood, and trunk jambs
Armor All tires and bumpers
Clean and detail dashboard

I have to say I am pretty impressed with the result for a quick 2 hour job. Car looks MUCH more appealing to the naked eye in sunlight, whereas before the swirl marks would jump right out at you when the sun hit it directly. I still have some artifacts of bad jobs in the pas and all those little paint chips but like I said that's not something I was expecting addressed here. If you're looking to get some minor/average swirl marks off your car, dont wan't the car down for 2 days for a full restoration, and dont want to spend $1000+ this is a solid "quick fix"

Overall I think they did a solid job. I took some pics right before and right after that I will get up this evening when I get home this evening.

Also, I am still looking for a place that does reputable full paint restoration for the spring time, so any suggestions are welcome. Can't seem to find too many reviews on them in the Chicagoland area.

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