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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Please, now you're putting words into my mouth because you KNOW you've got nothing. I never said it wasn't real, nor do I currently believe it isn't real. I know there are a lot of real issues out there regarding race from all angles, but that's not what this thread is about so I won't even comment on it... If you really want to debate race, make a thread about it (then see how fast it is deleted). The reason I called you out on it is because it's off topic, even though you seem to think it's all about race... Only real racists feel like that.
Oh, the obligatory internet, "putting words into my mouth" comment. When you think about it for a second, that statement is both impossible and just plain stupid. Only an overly-sensitive critic of things involving race would be so quick to label a person a racist when there was nothing racist about my comments to begin with. Which is why your post is empty of any real content. It's just you whining because you can't understand the context in which I wrote it. Knee-jerk reaction from a jerk.

This was a topic on the statements the President made about people not necessarily being responsible for their successes with their businesses (or at least they aren't 100% responsible for their success due to government provided infrastructure and other items). Not once was any issue of race brought up until you implied that people that are successful (you used the last POTUS as an example) are only successful because of white privilege. You didn't even attribute success to what the President eventually said, you just jumped on "luck" and then finally, white privilege. And when people call you out on making wild assumptions, all you do is say they are insulting you and you ignore their statements. You don't know any of us, and we don't know you. You have no idea why any of us may or may not be successful, so attributing it to "luck" and "association" are just wild assumptions. I could go out and make quite a few assumptions about you based on your asinine comments, but I won't even bother. Like I said, tell us how you really feel...
For the record, Mr. Hall Monitor, I mentioned that success is not necessarily a result of hard work. As there are plenty of Americans working hard. Luck, association and other complex variables, SUCH AS WHITE PRIVILEGE, for example (BUSH), along with other privileges unrelated to RACE, by the way, play into where all of us end up in life. Can you comprehend that???? Is that racists???? I can tell you that most people get their jobs by word-of-mouth or by knowing someone who has access to their job/career. Do you think Bush worked hard? Did luck and his association with certain figures contribute to his "success"? He is not the best example of white privilege? I thought so....

And I'm sorry, but it's not hard to type or spell correctly, so I don't buy the "I did it in haste" argument. The fact that you went on a little rant about people's intellect was laughable, especially considering all the "mistakes" you made. An intelligent person doesn't confuse "your" and "you're."
LOCATE MY MISTAKES! Go ahead since you're banking on that as an awesome rebuttal. Talk about being off-topic.

You don't have to buy anything. What you're doing is finding ways to cause a diversion. It's not working. You can continue to use the typical internet kiddie game of spell check but that does nothing to mask your immaturity and inability to go head-to-head with me.