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At first I ran the wire through the back seat and ski pass thru to the trunk, but I take my little girls to pre-school every day and the chances of the wire getting tangled and destroyed are very I use the fugly setup which breaks down quickly.
You should be able to run the wire under the passenger seat and then tuck it under the trim until you get up to the back window. There are no wires exposed unless you look under the passenger seat in my setup. Of course, if you only have one antenna, then the way you are doing it is about the only solution.
I suppose I should have bought a SkyFi to go as well, but it was out of my price range and someone told me they don't receive as well as what I have. Could that be true?
I have had a Delphi and and a MyFi and there is no difference in reception anywhere that I have been. The Myfi has the added benefit of also having a built it antenna, so I do not even need an external antenna at work. I doubt you would get a strong enough signal in Canada, but the built in antenna actually gets better reception than AM frequencies on my radio at work.

One other added benefit of the Myfi (besides recording capabilities) is the battery. Unless I am going on a trip out of town, I do not even plug it in when I am in the car. I charge it at work every day, so there is no need to charge it in the car, too.

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