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Dude, you're arguing again. This thread is for people to post up pictures of their tattoos, not defend their choices to people like you. This is not a thread for us to discuss why or why not tattoos can be dumb. YOU ARE NOT ON TOPIC.

Yes OP said something about getting all his foolishness out while he was young. But thats an off remark, the ending line and even the thread title all say what we're here for.

I'm pretty sure there are zero fucks being given about why you feel the way you feel about tattoos. Like you probably give zero fucks about tattoos or people who enjoy them. Thats fine, solution? Don't post in here. When you go out of your way to talk shit about someone's hobby or life choices, thats when this becomes less of a debate and more of you trying very hard to prove a point to our detriment. The people "asking" for your opinion, or making replies, those are just a bunch of people rightfully annoyed that you're down-talking something that we happen to enjoy.

Do you find tattoo forums and post in there as well about how stupid they are?

Or, on the same note, if I don't like black cars, will I go into the "Official BSM" thread and bash their decision on car color? They're in there to post pictures of their black cars, but how dare they! And then I'll compile a fucking list that tells why I think they're all morons!

1. Black makes scratches show up more.
2. Black hides the lines of the car's body.
3. The paint is permanent! Even if you repaint it, you can still tell that the black paint used to be there.
4. You guys will have to live with this the rest of your life, and my opinion is that your decision is shit.
5. Later when you car is old the black paint will be all faded and look like a bag of ass, and everyone will be able to tell how out-dated your paint is.
6. HEY, I found a thread you posted about regretting picking black as your car color, LEMME LINK IT. +5 internets.

What does that accomplish? A bunch of pissed off people and a very smug self? Now if the OP had asked, "What do you think about tattoos?" that'd be one thing. But he didn't. We like to come in here and post up our pictures without you remarking on how dumb you think we are, and no, we don't want to turn this into a discussion. Thank you very much. Good day.

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