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Hello all,
I ran my 08 e90 M3 6mt at summit point race way, WV august 18/19 with NASA. Have to admit I've always liked my car a lot but putting the beast in the jungle really makes you appreciate things in a whole new way.

Here's the link to the vid:
It was my first time out with this car. Knew the track pretty well was mainly working on consistency and rolling off the brakes before aiming for the apex. After watching it a few times I see there are areas where I could have faster, most notably was through 8 and 9. I ran with MDM and EDC on the highest setting. I did try to get into second for turn 1 and for turn 5, not in this video, but found that I was arriving at turn 2 at the top of 2nd gear which meant i couldn't finish 3rd gear before turn 4 and for turn 5 to 7 in 2nd, it was very difficult putting the power down effectively and when i did it just increased my braking for 6 and made it much more difficult to settle the chassis between 6 and 7.

Anyways, this was my last session the second day. You'll see there is an e92 fly past me. got the idea for using 2nd gear in those sections after speaking with him. Then a friend of mine running a e36 in gts2 told me that if I was getting down to 2nd then I probably could have been carrying a lot more speed through the turns. Also the coupe was running 275 R comps to my OE contisport 3. Editorial note: the continentals are awful. I now have PSS on my car but am looking to buy 18x10 apex wheels with direzza or ventus 10 tires before making the move to dot R comps. My instructor gave me very high marks sighting only 'looking ahead' as a weak point for me. Also said that I would likely be eligible for run group 2 or to solo in group one for the next event.

I know there is no replacement for seat time but I am eager to hear from those who track frequently. The line I am taking from 5-6 is what my instructor had taught me. I was taught to come out of 4 track right hit 5 tight and end up slightly track left before 6. Like all instructors, mine proposed the line he taught is the absolute fastest way.

I have researched this a bit mainly by speaking with racers but I would like to know the forums opinion on moving to dot r compounds. the consensus I have been getting is that I would be shortchanging myself in terms of learning how to manage my equipment. I get that, the first day I had a major problem with the conti's greasing up and figured out the learning curve there. I can't get a consistent answer on whether dot R behave more like scrubs or more like really good street tires. I have to admit though, seeing a similar car on r comps pull out of turns so much faster than me and brake such shorter distance left me feeling somewhat bored. The audio is not very strong but there was minimal directives from my instructor and it even got to a point where we were having casual conversation.

My next event planned is either going to be at palm beach raceway or homestead miami speedway. Is it worth tracking brand new PSS on my stock rims or would I be better off going with the square set up with admittedly worse tires before I decide to step up to Dot R comps. I would imagine that square setup and dot R comps would be one too many variables including a track I'm unfamiliar with.

Comments, questions please.