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FUEL TANK LEAK---NEED OPINIONS---335 factory issue???

Ok this is the craziest thing I have had happen to a car. Long story short I was fueling up with 111 octane fuel and at about 5 gallons noticed gas running out of the bottom of my car! I'm talking running like as a river running. So I stopped, called BMW, all they said is that I overfilled it, which wasn't possible being that I had maybe a total of 7 gallons in the tank before the 111 octane FLOOD. So I ended up towing it to the shop that does my tuning and we put in up on the rack. After 20 minutes of CSI style investigation we could not figure out what had happened. There is a GOLFBALL size hole in my fuel tank. It is on the driveshaft side of the tank about halfway up and appears and feels to be CUT with a sawzaw. Being that this wuld be near impossible, we did some more looking only to find out that the driveshaft had a wear mark approx. 6" long and was showing whiteish rubbing and scrape marks. So our final explanation and only reasonable one is that one of the vents in the tank malfunctioned causing the tank to SWELL. Once the tank swelled and through in alot of powerslides and donuts, the tank shifted. Once shifted and swelled it made contact with the driveshaft. And the rest was history. It absolutely shredded a huge hole in the tank and I never heard anything or felt vibrations...nothing. Has anyone ever heard or experienced this issue? Do you think this is a manufacturers problem?
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