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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
FYI: a scholarship, by virtue of it's association to a certain standard of acheivement/performance required to EARN it, is not a handout. A grant or a bursary, on the other hand, is the academic equivalent of a handout. In my case, I didnt qualify for those as I was not a member of the right religious organizations, and my skin was the wrong color.

I like how you ignored my first two paragraphs....

If a scholarship is earned by meeting a standard, then certainly Social Security, Affirmative Action, and unemployment benefits are no different, although those benefits are associated with negative connotations. So, what point are you making? And some grants are extended to those who have parents killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, for example. Giving one's life for his/her country and receiving a benefit because of it is now considered a handout? Are you really that heartless?

If your skin was the wrong color, you're statistically less likely to even make it to a college campus much less out of your twenties, so cry me a river. Society is set up for you to achieve whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

I'm guessing you probably had 2 working parents to help you with any kind of education funding, so you would be unaware of such a distinction.
Your guess would be wrong. I paid my own way along with the MGIB, So I earned it and I earned it by giving back first.

Make no mistake, I'm not looking for a pat on the back. Knowing that I am doing better than many classmates who came from more advantaged households than I did is pat on the back enough for me.

You sound bitter actually. If you find joy in what others haven't achieved, I see why you're aligned with the conservatives.

I'm just saying if I dragged my ass out of the mud, and now you want to use my tax dollars to support those who dont want to make the effort to drag their own asses out of the mud, then sorry, I have limited patience or sympathy for that.
Who are you referring to? Taxes is a broad subject. Taxes also keep your bridges from falling into the water below. Should the engineers and construction workers force you to bang in a few rivets since their labor supports you and you didn't drag you're ass out of the proverbial mud to help them? Should the military charge you a premium for your safe boarders and freedoms since you haven't dragged your ass out of the proverbial mud and done what they have?

My story is straight. Please take the time to read it again, or get someone to read it to you. Slowly. People who depend on the government for direct funding are more burden than help. (ie: there is no middleman, they receive compensation financially or otherwise directly from Uncle Sam). People who get compensation from private industry are contributing to the economy, and paying taxes that makes the lives of the other folks even possible. If my job becomes or remains fiscally sustainable due to some corporate tax break, that does not mean I am being paid by the government. It means the government is acting in a smart way to keep me employed so my taxes can fund services that others consume more than I do.
Perhaps you need to re-read your own words. You haven't identified a handout in the context that you've described it as. I already addressed the list of "handouts" that you mentioned and showed how people have contributed to many of them. SS is a reserve. UEb is a reserve. Ok, so, by your admission, an industry that wasn't sustainable like the automobile industry should have been left to rot, thereby leaving thousands without jobs? And what point would that have proven?

If you are tired of reading other opinions, you are welcome to leave. Nobody is forcing you to read or post here. Somehow I suspect you are afflicted with whatever Scotch had, and you will probably be unable to restrain yourself from reading and posting.

Your opinion of past members or whomever damaged your internet ego prior to this thread is irrelevant to me and this discussion. This is not your frat house where you can intimidate members or join forces with others WHO DO agree with your crap... hoping majority rules. If you cannot handle an opposing view, YOU LEAVE and join