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While using the phone, I'll be driving, of course.

As a motorcycylist myself (Yamaha Virago 1100), I understand your frustration at distracted automobile drivers, but the fact is that there are many driver distractions in cars, and very few in motorcycles.

While driving, should you avoid:

Tuning your radio to a new station or adjusting the volume?

Changing the temperature or setting the window defrost on or off?

Drinking coffee? (You might say YES to this one, but think. The cup-holder suggests that BMW believes this is acceptable practice.)

Searching your armrest box for tokens when approching a toll?

Using the I-Drive AT ALL for ANYTHING?

Talking to the passanger with occational eye contact? (My favorite joke: When I die, I want to die like my grandfather, peacefully in his sleep. Not YELLING and SCREAMING like the passangers in his car!)