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Originally Posted by PSEE View Post
I've read these 100% and limp home mode posts for many months. Each time
I'm thinking - "Gee, it's failing". Rather than have a setting that people cannot
use w/out triggering a failure, why not make 80% the 100% setting?
caveat emptor
I agree that from a PR perspective this may be the best bet, but at the same time many people want to know they are getting the most they can out of a mod. Would you really want 75% to be 100% just so you could keep it on the new 100% or would you rather have the option of seeing what works best with your vehicle? We're talking about a small screwdriver and 40 seconds of your time here.

I run at 80 most days and turn it up to 100 when I know I intend to do some more "spirited" driving. The only time I ever threw a code was when I floored it at a point where the car had not yet had the opportunity to warm up (which you shouldn't do anyway). I turned off the car the next chance I got, started her back up, and presto...we're back in business. Meanwhile, the CANtool auto deleted the code so no worries to you more warranty-minded individuals like myself.

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