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Originally Posted by Suraj_320 View Post
Hi Guys

As above, the headlight washer flaps aren't sitting flush. They're slightly open by a noticeable amount.

Maybe its me but when I pushed one down, the other seemed to come up more?!

Any ideas? Don't want to push them both down too hard just in case.


Better get it fix while its under warranty, I've had both sides replaced 2x times under warranty in the last 4 years. They need to replace the control arm under the cap, its not retracting properly. Including labor and parts these costs around $300 each, so get it done while its under warranty. I asked my technician how to prevent these from happening and he said its just poor design, better to not leave your car out the cold because the plastic/metal/spring of the control arm is more prone to damage due to constant change of weather condition.