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Originally Posted by Rollo` View Post
wow...mine is doing this too but it's not that loud yet. I will have the dealership look into it.

Yes, mine is not loud either (sound level isn't extreme, but is noticeable since I like to listen to the engine humm and pay attention to the shifting of gears despite the fact that its an automatic).

Yesterday, I opened my hood and then I really noticed it was something wrong. However, I had a friend in the driver's seat, when he got out - he closed the door and the noise went away. (It's intermittent)

Rollo, let me know what the dealer does and how it goes. Thanks. I'm W8forMe's advice and am looking into the replacement of the alternator bearings. I might also look to replace the serpentine belt and check the power steering fluid. But first, I'm gonna try to diagnoise where the noise is exactly coming from by putting pressure ("touching with a short stick") on some of the spinning components.