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I completely agree with Jeff. I've done that before where I wanted to baby my car because I want it to last forever... but then i realized i'm never really enjoying it to the full potential. I did it for so long that the time came when i wanted to upgrade it, but it was too late as the engine got old and shit started to fail left and right anyway... This car is getting the wrath of that where I am not waiting around any longer and upgraded things left and right as soon as i got it. I can honestly say i've enjoyed a car for the first time since i started driving to its current full potential. Even took it to the 1/4 and 20 min. hot lap racecourse! Funny thing is the instructor told me i'm really only driving it up to 65% of its potential on the race course, which to me felt like i'm beating the shit out of the car ...

With that said, there's no reason you can't drive a properly tuned car for as long or longer than a stock one.