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330i BMW Performance Exhaust install issues

Hi all - I recently purchased the above (new but from a private seller on ebay) for my 2005 330i SE Touring. It is just the back box with a clamp i.e. no mid-pipe included. Took it to Kwik Fit to be installed (I know, I know, the shame - but it's next to my office and I thought it was straightforward).

They told me that they couldn't fit it and showed me why. Basically, there did not seem to be a length of straight enough pipe on the mid-section of exhaust to clamp onto successfully - it is just a series of bends from the back box backwards for about 2 feet. So they weren't sure where to cut and clamp. Fair enough I said, glad that they hadn't just tried to bodge it to take my money.

So I came away and have done a few searches and the only conclusion I can draw is that as my car is an early one, a new mid-pipe is also required as well as the back box. A quick call to my local BMW parts place seemed to confirm that (although they were a bit vague).

Perhaps it's the part shown in this link (a few pics down):

Can anyone confirm this? And if true whether I can source an appropriate mid-section from anywhere (not sure if available separately via BMW and at what )? Or whether I am better of taking the car to a decent exhaust fabricator and asking them to originate something?

Finally, seems that the replacement mid-section gets rid of the resonator (I think it's called) and is just a Y-shaped piece of pipe - will that create more noise / drone? I'm not keen to create a Max Power special, just want a more exotic but premium sound...

Here's a pic of what I have (rear exit pipe of the back box & clamp):

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And what the under-side looks like:

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