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My guess is your local authorized BMW service shop doesn't care if they get paid from you or from BMW for the most part. If fact I would tend to lean towards they would rather make you happy, with less out of pocket, to keep you coming back after you are out of your 4/50 warranty.

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I have my car in for rattling turbos and slow spool. I was given a loaner and didn't hear back from them until the very end of the day. With baited breath I waited to hear that I would be getting new turbos. Instead I was told that my vacuum solenoids need to be replaced, and that its not covered under warranty. They said BMW wouldn't go further with the turbos until we did this first. At least they said it might still rattle afterwards- in which case they would go forward. But BMW seems to think that the rattling on my 07 with 72k on it could be caused by these solenoids instead. Am I being jerked around or does this sound about right?

I authorized the repair, but i'm crossing my fingers that the rattle will still be there and I end up with new turbos either way.