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Originally Posted by phil200tdi View Post
I'm saying we wouldnt have these problems if everyone were considerate of their actions. If the guy stopping on double yellows had been considerate then he wouldnt have parked there. There would be no problem.

I watched a 325i tailgate an old lady the other day on a duel carriage way. This pissed me off, she was doing over the limit and overtaking a line of lorries. Once she pulled over she looked shaken by it. I'm not proud to say, I returned the favour to see how he liked it, he didnt - tried to lose me, brake checked me, but resolutely didnt wish to pull over. When he did, I pulled in and slowed down. What did it achieve for either of us? I arrived about 15 seconds earlier to my destination furious and having burnt a few more litres of fuel - realising I had been a complete prick just like him!

For all the comments about poor women drivers, I bet you rarely face aggression from them. They tend to be much more tolerant and cautious. My girlfriend is a good driver, it pisses me off to think that she has to deal with aggression on the road - I bet many of you feel the same when it is your family but are much less tolerant of others..

"The tendency to aggression is an innate, independent, instinctual disposition in man... it constitutes the powerful obstacle to culture" Sigmund Freud

lol.....see! very easy to succumb and become a BMW c*ck!.... when you see all these fcuktards around you...

You did well tailgaiting that tw*t! hope u flashed the fcuker aswell... he shouldn't be in the right hand lane if he's not overtaking...