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Not bad. Next time put the camera behind you in the cockpit and try to get your hands/head in the frame - that helps when watching to judge how smooth you are on the wheel and how well you're looking through the turns. Overall looked pretty good through.

Some of the turns look a bit early, but not too bad. With more speed (on r-comps) it will become an issue. Re: coming out of T4 track right - I've seen other instructors teach this, too. It does set you up nicely for going into T5, but the truth is you have to be going relatively slow through T4 to end up track right going into T5. The more speed you start carrying through the chute the further track left you'll be pushed. Don't fight the car to get back to the right there - just take the tight line through T5.

Re: r-comps - how many track days do you have? Was this your first event? You say you "New to HPDE" but also that you "knew the track pretty well" so I'm not sure.