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Originally Posted by Helmar
I'm awaiting delivery of a 2006 330xi.

I'll use the phone almost exclusively from the car, so I want to purchase a new bluetooth compatible phone and install a phone cradle.

In reviewing the list of phones with cradles that are compatible with the car, they're all at least a year old, and most are discontinued by the carrier.

Is there a newer list that shows recent bluetooth phones that can be used with a cradle on the car?

If not, why is BMW so slow to support current phones?
I can see the idea of BMW using bluetooth as the only link method since it is "supposed" to be a universal way to link devices together. The "hard wire" links of the older phones are all properity and would require a seperate profile of each type of phone.

When I went to pick up my car I was in the same boat, I have an older phone without bluetooth and was looking at getting a new phone. My CA asked what service I have and told me what current phones from them they have gotten to work in the car...
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