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Question regarding Varrstoen 2.2.2 agressive fitment

i'm hoping some of the agressive fitment wheel gurus in here can offer some insight on this setup. i've decided to sell my stock wheel setup (189s) for an aftermarket setup....something more agressive than what i'm used to....not an expensive set so that's why i'm looking at the Varrstoens. the set i'm looking at have the following specs:

Varrstoen ES 2.2.2 (Volk TE37 reps)
front: 19x9.5 +20
rear: 19x10.5 +20

my car sits really low....currently have no gap on the 18" TE37s i'm running right now on 40 series tires. would the specs above fit with a stretched tire without rubbing? and if so, what size tire would you recommend i run so as not to rub?

*my fenders are rolled in the rear...and shaved a bit
**i can raise the car up some if need be since i'm on coilovers

thanks in advance for your feedback!