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Originally Posted by Panoz View Post
Hello Guys,

I'm experiencing a really weird situation as explained on the title for the last 2 years. The car is perfectly aligned , tyres are new but the car keeps pulling to the right (steering wheel slightly turns too).

Let me firstly to comment that my car is now fitted with original OEM M3 19" wheels , Hartge suspension kit (both coilover & springs) and Quaife LSD.
My tyres are Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 225/35 & 255/30

  • Initialy , we thought that it was due to faulty tyre surface...but using 4 different couples of front tyres and noticing that all of them having the same behaviour (exactly the same ) we realized that there was an issue with something else. Possibly the alignment settings were wrong?
  • I checked the alignment settings to 2 different tyre shops...everything seemed to be great (according to BMW specs), so no point looking in that direction.
  • As another attempt resolving the mystery I fitted a full set of other E92-spec 19"wheels (non-M3) and the car was driving fine.
  • So I temporary borrowed a set of M3 Wheels-and-tyres and fitted them as they where (M3 spec tyres) to my car. The car was almost fine so i thought it was my wheels fault...So i removed my tyres fitted them on the M3 wheels but to my surpise , the behaviour transformed to the known situation above...the car was pulling right again.

Whatever i do and despite everything seems to be is pulling right and its doing it with every tyre i may try.

On the street... right after adjusting the steering wheel to straight line , the car goes straight for 100 meters and then starts pulling right in such a way that it changes a whole lane in 150m. This is especialy intense when you accelarate.

I really cant get it anymore...I'm getting crazy.

Any ideas?

PS- I'm under the impression this issue started right after the installation of the suspension kit...not sure though.
did you end up figuring out what caused the pull to the right?
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