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On the driving while talking on the phone thing - One of the main features for me in the E9x is the bluetooth. I had a hands free phone in a MB and got very used to that. I personally do not like to hold a cell phone while driving, as I find it VERY distracting and I know it lessens my attention to the road. However, with hands free I am generally not distracted. Occasionally I will say "hold on a moment" to the caller if I need to concentrate on traffic (merging, left turn, etc.).

I do agree that overall cell phones are a menace. Most drivers are challenged enough by their tiny little brains as it is - talking on the phone makes them even worse. I support the anti-cell phone laws that state you cannot be holding a phone.

With my long commute, I see it all: women applying makeup, men trying to read the paper, people eating, yelling at the kids in the back seat... you name it.

Back to topic though - I think part of the blame falls on the cell phone carriers as E90Fleet mentioned, but some also on BMW. Let's face it, BMW is no industry leader in cool technology - especially electronic.

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