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Need some Law Advice: Parking Ticket

So I received a parking ticket. Here is the story I live on a dead end street, no curbs are outside my house nor the house across the way. Half the street is on my private party and half is public property, I park half on private and half on public. No Signs state you cannot park there.

In order to get into my street you need to pull up a hill (With double yellow lines) then come around a corner (with double yellow lines) after the corner, the double yellow lines end. Designation of side no long exist after the double yellow line.

Because I am lazy sometimes when pulling into the spot instead of turning the car around to face the outlet, I just pull right into the space facing toward the dead end (opposite the outlet).

Well, this morning I come out to a ticket on my car for $30.00 for parking the wrong way / wheels curb.

I've decided to fight the ticket for what it's worth. Am in right stating that Designation of side no longer exist due to the double line ending prior to my parking zone with no curb or sign indicating side-age.

Any tips to get off this ticket? I took pictures and went down to the clerks office to apply for court date. They didn't accept the pictures and told me to bring the picture with me to court.

Worst part about it is I think is one of the neighbors that gave me a ticket, about 3 cops live on this street.

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