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Originally Posted by phillip@bmpdesign View Post
While I am not a lawyer, or have more than average dealings with the judicial system, I understand a little of how the court works.

More or less, they really don't care, whatever reasons you have, whatever exceptions you have, whatever pictures you have, they don't care. They will see it as the officer that they entrust with the power to issue these citations felt like you deserved the citation and that is enough for them. You could have justified, empirical evidence proving your innocence without a shadow of a doubt, but unless it also proves that whoever wrote the citation could not possibly be at fault, they are not going to care. Even if it does prove that that person is incompetent, they are not going to care because they are one of thousands in their judicial machine and its not worth the time or effort to check it out. You are 1 of thousands of tickets issued that week.

I'm not sure how much your time is worth, and I believe that everyone should do what they believe is right and fight for that as long as they want, but I would just pay the ticket, let them win, and move on with your life. It sucks, and its not fair, but once again...they really don't care. Also, the court doesn't work for free, if you want to continue the legal process, expect a bill.

The court time is after 5pm, I am out of work by then so really it's not using my time at all other than more time to eat dinner I just want justification as to why I cannot park that way. No sign, or legal pavement markings indicate I can't. Again no designation of sides, the ticket was given at 1am in the morning on dead end street...