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Originally Posted by 5soko View Post
It will bring more air and more ambient air into the engine bay by the DCI, if setup correctly. More ambient air the DCI are sucking in the better. This in turn may help lower IAT's and help performance. But we are talking slightly, and only at speed where air is actually entering in enough volume in the area of the DCI.

As you can tell the stock snorkel has no scoops, like i mentioned before, it relies on pressure/vaccum to suck air in and to the air box.
So without scoops, the oem snorkel with DCI is useless anyways. Snorkle with scoops and DCI is a good combine. I personally run it and like it.
As you mention the air scoops and snorkel will bring in more ambient air into the engine bay, I guess you are assuming that DCI are breathing in hot air without them. But doesnt FMIC functions to lower the temperature of the engine? So even if the DCI are breathing in hot air, won't the FMIC still cool down the hot air that engine is taking? Then that makes breathing in more cold air totally pointless?