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Progressive Insurance, Deer. PSA - War Has Begun

I was the unfortunate victim of deer trickery this week.

Unfortunately, I was also the victim of Progressive bs today.

I got two estimates done by local reputable body shops.

Estimate 1: 5,852.63
Estimate 2: 4,837.34

Progressive: 2,896.75

They want to replace all my damaged pieces with Non-OEM aftermarket parts, and repair my torn, bent and scratched pieces by gluing them together.

He determined scratches on the car by trying to get his fingernail to get into the groove, if he thought it could be wiped off, he licked his thumb and tried to rub it out.

I have the Dynamic Xenon Head lights. He wants to keep one as the OEM part and mismatch it with an aftermarket part from KOI.

They also won't let me have a loaner for free. I must have forgotten to check that box.

He said no one will notice that they are aftermarket and that they are made out the exact same material. Just like the generic versions of soda.

He thinks he can repair the door that has three dents in it and won't open, rather than replace the panel.

The battle has begun. My time occupying a team member will translate to a far greater expense in payroll than complying to a few things they are over-looking.

Stay tuned, pics later when I'm not a mad man.
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