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My 2 cents: I would go to the statute/regulation (try google scholar). I'm sure there is some reg out there that says exactly what the law on this subject is in CT. If you are only obligated to park in the direction of traffic when there is a double yellow, you should document that your car was not parked at a double yellow (pictures and an affidavit from you) and contest it. Outside of a factual dispute as to whether you were at a double yellow or not, I would think this would be clear cut.

I been searching around trying to find this, Connecticut Vehicle and Traffic code anyone know where I can find this, I've gone through about 5 pages of google and still haven't found it maybe someone has a direct link.

I think I could argue the fact that from appearance of the double yellow lines ending, it starts a culdesac which has no designation of flow of traffic, which I also cannot find any information regarding direct of traffic/flow of traffic direction in a culdesac.