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Originally Posted by drevil2k2 View Post
Yes, because I like tech and eye candy.

Retrofitted an OEM navi in my old A4 (got to love eBay sellers from Eastern Europe).

Ordered it for my old C300 - despite the sales person saying, "Why don't you use those suction cup ones and save a few grand?" My answer, "Don't like things cluttering my windshield and I like all the extra features that come with the navi option".

Ordered it with my current E90. Funny thing though, the head unit had to be replaced because I got the red startup screen and the DVD drive not reading my DVDs. Not sure how common this is, but mind you my E90 was in an accident.
Honestly, I agree with the Merc salesman.

I really, really like the iDrive in my 335i - even though when it came out I thought it was crap and out of place in a BMW now that I've actually used it for a few weeks I really, really like it, even though it is proof positive that BMW has strayed very far from its sports sedan roots. My car I don't consider a "sports sedan" (well, coupe) but rather a small "personal luxury car" with a sporting flavor. And I'm OK with that, because honestly, that's really more what I need, otherwise I would have been looking at a Lotus or something for my latest vehicle.

But to my original point, as useful and nice as the iDrive as a whole is and how much I like how everything is integrated, my 5 year old Garmin kicks the BMW nav's butt, is much more user-friendly, and not only that, for a one time cost of $130 or so I get lifetime map updates (I think the new Garmins actually include same for free.) My suggestions for BMW, not that they'll listen:

1) touchscreen!

2) Use Garmin, Magellan, or TomTom so that we can use our own custom POI files e.g. traffic camera databases.

3) speed limit display

The main reasons to get the nav have in my mind nothing to do with the nav itself, it's 1) aesthetics and 2) everything else that comes along with the package.

I'd really be just as happy if my car didn't have nav, although I probably would investigate getting something nicer looking than a suction cup bracket to mount a newer Garmin - or maybe I'd just use my smart phone and run Trapster. (now if we could integrate Trapster with the nav, that would be incredible, but I don't know how you'd do that without going back to the bad old days of having a "car phone")